About Us

C.S. Yap

Armed with over 40 years experience in the metal fabrication industry, C.S. Yap has evolved tremendously into a leading metal provider in Malaysia since its inception in 1976. With over 200 manufacturing facilities and 400 skilled professionals under our wings, C.S. Yap remains committed to delivering quality for diverse industries ranging from the automotive, electrical and engineering industry among many others.

We help engineers, contractors and companies grow by creating value in our solutions and powering up economies, part by part. By leveraging on state-of-the-art technology in our R&D process, we are committed to crafting bespoke innovative solutions that deliver satisfaction to our clients.


To become the world standard for metal solutions provider in every phase of production, from conceptualisation to completion.


To provide the best metal fabrication services by continuously investing in the latest technology and adhering to our Quality Policy.

Our Quality Policy

We maintain our standard of quality by following a policy synonymous with our name ‘C.S. YAP’:


Customer’s requirements are our first priority.


Satisfaction of customer is honoured through our high quality, on-time delivery and comparable cost.


Yield performance is maintained through high quality standards fostered by motivating, empowering, and instilling pride in our workforce at all levels.


Achievement of Quality is through continuous improvement


Productivity is achieved through an environment of teamwork, positive attitude, and an innovative approach.

Company Milestones

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  • Official 40 years of experience in quality and precise delivery.
class="fa fa-500px" title="2017">


  • The first 5 axis CNC machine and continuously expanding
class="fa fa-500px" title="2015">


  • Invested in Automation to value-add for our customers
class="fa fa-500px" title="2014">


  • Obtained first Trubend Cell 5000, an automated bending cell for high output with consistent high parts quality
class="fa fa-500px" title="2013">


  • Obtained first Combi machine with automation to produce high-quality products
class="fa fa-500px" title="2011">


  • Obtained first Laser Tube machine (Trumpf Tube 500)
class="fa fa-500px" title="2010">


  • Moved to new plants at Bandar Parklands Klang
  • Became a One-Stop Metal Fabricator
class="fa fa-500px" title="2009">


  • Started Manufacturing for automotive air conditioner hose and pipe for OEM market
class="fa fa-500px" title="2007">


  • Obtained first Rolling and Flanging Machine
class="fa fa-500px" title="2006">


  • Started Assembly for shipping completed parts to the global market to meet customers’ requirements
class="fa fa-500px" title="2005">


  • Obtained first Robotic Welding Machine
class="fa fa-500px" title="2003">


  • Obtained first Combi (Laser + Punch)
    machine(Trumpf TC 600L)
  • Certified by ISO 9001
  • Established CS Yap AutoCool Marketing S/B
  • Started manufacturing automotive air conditioner
    hose and pipe to distribute into REM market
  • Obtained first Multibend Machine (Salvagini P2)
class="fa fa-500px" title="2002">


  • Obtained first Laser Cutting Machine (Trumpf L3050)
class="fa fa-500px" title="1999">


  • Obtained first Forging Line and Powder Coating Line
class="fa fa-500px" title="1995">


  • Moved to a new factory in Sungai Buloh
  • Obtained first Punching and Bending Machine
class="fa fa-500px" title="1992">


  • Established CS Yap Metal Parts Industries
  • Started metal sheet business with stamping for household air conditioner parts
class="fa fa-500px" title="1984">


  • Renamed as CS Yap Engineering S/B
  • Moved to a new factory in Jalan Penchala, PJ
  • Transformed to CNC Turning for automotive
    and air conditioner parts
class="fa fa-500px" title="1979">


  • Moved to a new factory at Jalan 215, PJ
  • Obtained first CNC Lathe Machines
class="fa fa-500px" title="1976">


  • Established as Yap Engineering Works, specialising in Design and Mould Making